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Antec Introduces P190 PC Case, Adapter

Antec will exhibit its just released P190 high performance PC case at CES this week.

The P190 is part of Antec’s Performance One line and features a dual power supply, advanced cooling system, sound dampening side panels and an extended ATX motherboard. The chassis is optimized to support dual processors or quad CPU graphic cards and it has a side-mounted 200mm fan with air filter to keep these heat generating components cool and operating correctly.

Later this month Antec will start shipping its NP-100 Notebook Power Adapter. The adapter provides 100 watts of constant power reducing the need for short term battery draw caused by underpowered adapters. This helps lower the computer’s operating temperature and extends battery life. It will have a $79.99 suggested retail price.

Antec also just started shipping, at $34.99, the Notebook Cooler S. The notebook sits on top of the device, which is powered through a USB connection that features a pass through port allowing another USB device to be plugged into it. The Cooler S has two small fans that blow air across the notebook’s bottom to stop overheating which can eventually lead to the computer shutting down or being damaged.