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AMD Launches Retail Education Effort

NEW YORK — AMD and its OEM
partners will launch a major retail marketing
program later this year.

The program’s goal is to educate consumers
on the capabilities of AMD’s
processors, focusing on how specific chips
handle different computing tasks, said
Leslie Sobon, AMD’s product and platform
marketing VP.

“We want to focus on usage over speeds
and feeds — experience over technology,”
she said, adding that focus groups found
most people could not translate a processor’s
specifications to what they wanted
to do with a computer.

The program will consist of end caps
and additional point-of-sale material.
The end caps will feature one of AMD’s
PC vendor partners and will contain PCs
running various demonstrations, such as
video editing.

The end caps should also make it easier
for sales associates to inform customers
what a particular processor is capable
of, and it will help store staffers up-sell
customers to more powerful machines,
said Sobon.

The end caps will be setup and run by
the PC makers with support from AMD.

A trial program will run in May and
June with a general rollout slated for later
this year. CE retailers such as Best Buy
are expected to participate.

AMD did not say whether mass merchants
would be included.