Alpine Ships $100 iPod/iPhone Adapter

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Torrance, Calif. - In response to the recession, Alpine is offering a low-cost universal iPod/iPhone car radio adapter kit at a suggested $100, it said.

As consumers are holding onto their cars longer, they may want to add iPod or iPhone capability to an existing car radio, said the company, stating that an iPod connection to the car is now considered less of a luxury and more of a necessity.

The DPR-RDS1 Factory Radio Interface lets users play songs from their iPod/iPhone through any factory radio. The device is a small hideaway box that connects to iPod/iPhone via a supplied cable. The device should be professionally installed using a direct connection to the vehicle's antenna.

Once installed, the DPR-RDS1 delivers the same sound quality level of a "strong FM station," said Alpine. Control of the music is performed through the iPod or iPhone itself, as the music plays through the factory radio. But if the radio has RDS capability, then song, artist and album information will be displayed on the radio's screen.

The DPR-RDS1 is Made for iPod and Works with iPhone certified.

Alpine also announced it is now shipping its most powerful car amplifier to date, the MRP-M2000 mono amplifier, rated at a minimum of 2,000 watts RMS. Suggested retail is $750.


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