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ADS Debuts Digital Entertainment Products

ADS Technologies will introduce three products that help convert a standard PC into a digital media device at CES this week.

The company’s TV Station 100, Media-Link 3 Entertainment receiver, and Network Attached Server Drive kit are all shipping in early 2005.

The TV Station 100 is a stand-alone TV tuner capable of converting any flat-panel or CRT PC monitor into a TV. The 100 can connect via VGA and component video inputs and has audio and video ports enabling it to be connected to a DVD player or VCR. The end user connects their cable or satellite source cable to the 100 and then connects the device to the PC via its sound card. The unit will ship this month with a suggested retail of $129.95.

The Media Link 3 Digital Entertainment Receiver distributes programming content stored on a PC to be distributed to any home A/V product. The device identifies PCs on the network for file transfer, which can be done either through an Ethernet or 802.11.b network. It features Composite, S-Video, DVI and Component outputs, and will function with either a Mac or Windows PC. It ships in two weeks with an expected suggested retail under $200.

In order to make available stored programming to all the PCs and A/V products on the home network and help alleviate storage issues, next month ADS will ship its NAS Drive Kit. The product is a true kit in that it does not come with an embedded hard drive. Instead, the consumer buys and connects his or her own external hard drive. This enables the owner to construct the drive they best need, the company said. The NAS Drive acts simply as the conduit and brains of the operation. It communicates with the networked devices through either an Ethernet or 802.11g wireless network. Because the kit uses the Universal Plug and Play specification, the consumer does not have to conduct any set up; the PC and network automatically recognize the devices as they are connected. The unit will carry a suggested retail of $199.95.