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Select Cleer Audio Headphones Now Available For Travellers At InMotion

Enduro 100, Enduro ANC, Ally Plus II and other models available at the largest airport electronics retailer

Cleer Enduro 100

Cleer Audio recently announced its new partnership with InMotion Entertainment Group, the largest airport electronics retailer in the country, to present and sell Cleer headphone models geared for active music enthusiasts and business travelers.

“We’re thrilled to start our partnership with InMotion Entertainment Group,” said Scott Ashbaugh, Global Sales Director of Cleer. “InMotion is a cornerstone of the airport retail experience, the ability for traveling consumers to notice and buy Cleer Audio products on-the-go in the prestigious InMotion retail stores is invaluable.”

Cleer Audio offers a wide range of innovative wireless headphones, earbuds and smart audio speakers. The Cleer products available at InMotion are the Enduro 100 headphones, Enduro ANC Active Noise Cancelling headphones, Ally Plus II ANC earbuds and Goal sport earbuds models, as well as the new Roam NC True Wireless ANC earbuds when it is available in June.

“As the airport traffic returns and customers are seeking new audio solutions for their travels, we are ready for all their needs,” said Eden Goldberg, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of InMotion. “Cleer’s collection of headphones and earphones can meet the various needs of the traveling consumers, from working out with a True Wireless to watching a movie with a noise cancellation experience.”

25 select InMotion airport stores in 16 key U.S. markets will begin showcasing and selling Cleer headphone models immediately.

  • Anchorage- Terminal C
  • Atlanta – Concourses A, F and T
  • Boston – iStore and Terminal C
  • Dallas Fort Worth – Terminal E
  • Detroit – Soundbalance
  • Newark- Terminal A
  • Houston – Soundbalance
  • Jacksonville – Concourse C
  • Miami – Concourse D
  • Chicago – Terminal 1 and Terminal 3
  • Philadelphia – Terminals A, C and D
  • Phoenix – Terminal 3 and Terminal 4
  • San Diego – Terminal 2
  • Seattle – Terminal A
  • San Francisco – Terminal 3 and Soundbalance
  • Salt Lake City – iStore and Concourse B

For more information and real-time updates, visit InMotion online at

To learn more about Cleer and its audio offerings, visit

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