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808 Audio Raps With Aspiring DJs

New York – 808 Audio, the supplier of headphones and Bluetooth speakers, has teamed up with the Scratch DJ Academy to help educate people to become DJs and producers of remixed music.

808 Audio, which calls itself an audio brand “conceived from the roots of hip hop and EDM (electronic dance music),” said students will use 808 headphones to learn their craft in the academy’s studios and 808 speakers to listen to the music they create.

The two companies have also created six-week scholarships for 10 incoming students who demonstrate a passion and a dedication to DJing or producing. 808 Audio will also offer students and graduates the opportunity to participate in events throughout the year, including a set at the International Consumer Electronics Show in 2015.

Scratch, founded in 2002 by Jam Master Jay of Run DMC, teaches more than 30,000 people annually through its physical locations and national events. Scratch’s academies in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Atlanta teach aspiring DJs how to mix and make music, market themselves and book performances.

Rob Principe, Scratch Music Group CEO, said the academy tests every product that it uses and chose 808 Audio as a partner “because their headphones and speakers perfectly capture our students’ performances, which ultimately will help them become better DJs and producers.” 808 Audio makes quality affordable products, “which supports our mission to make this art form accessible and approachable to all music fans,” Principe said.

808’s product designs “speak to these music communities,” 808 said.

The 808 Audio brand was established in 2011 by VOXX Accessories Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International.