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4 Essential Back-To-School Accessories For Any Dorm Room

NEW YORK — College students in the U.S. will report to their respective schools this year with about $49 billion worth of electronic devices, according to warranty supplier SquareTrade. And while many consider laptops, tablets and smartphones essential, there is a host of accessories on the market to make the college experience more organized, safe and entertaining. Pictured here are some recent introductions that would be welcome in almost any dorm room, apartment or sorority house.

iLuv’s SyrenPro is a weather-resistant Bluetooth speaker that can be combined with a second Syren- Pro through proprietary TrueWireless Stereo technology to create wireless stereo system. The unit features a 3-inch co-axial speaker with jAura sound enhancement technology that balances high-, middle- and lowrange frequencies. It is rechargeable for up to four hours of playback and can also be powered by an outlet.

The Duet from Protag is a tiny Bluetooth leash device that can be attached to a keychain, handbag or backpack. Once paired to an iOS or Android smartphone, it will sound an audible alarm through its built-in speaker if the phone is left behind or carried off by someone else. In addition, if the keys or bag the Duet is attached to get left behind, the user can use the companion app on the smartphone to cause the Duet alarm to sound. The app will also alert to the Duet’s last location. Up to 10 Duets can be paired to one phone, so many valuables can be tracked.

The xPrintServer Home Edition by Lantronix is a portable device that enables easy printing from any iOS device to more than 4,000 supported top-brand printers. With no apps or software to install, the xPrint- Server is optimized for home or school users and makes printing straight from the camera, email or Safari as simple as a couple taps on the touchscreen. It has a footprint that is slightly smaller than an iPhone 5s.

The BACtrack Vio is a compact keychain breathalyzer with companion app that instantly determines blood alcohol content (BAC) and pushes the reading to a smartphone or tablet. The app compares and charts results and allows users to guess their level before testing. Its ZeroLine feature provides an estimate of how long it will take a user’s BAC to return to 0.0 percent based on their last test results. Users can save results, view their history on a tracking graph, attach pictures and notes, and designate drink types and locations to specific readings. A user’s results remain private but can be shared via text message or to social media.