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3D Printing Design Site Hits Milestone

New York — In a clear sign that 3D printing is making strides toward mainstream consumer awareness, CGTrader, a popular online community and marketplace for 3D graphics and printing designs, announced that the design community has uploaded more than 100,000 3D product models and designs to its site.

After designers uploaded 50,000 models onto the site in the first 2.5 years of operation, it took less than a year to double the amount of 3D models and double revenues for designers.

The site had 2,374 users and 10,238 3D-printed models as of March 2013. Two years later the site has 145,123 users with access to 104,897 3D-printed designs and products.

The company said CGTrader members have uploaded 3D models in categories such as aircraft, animals, household, science, architectural, gadgets, art and fashion, among others. Art jewelry and miniatures are currently generating the highest number of transactions.

“We started CGTrader to create fair and transparent working conditions for 3D professionals and have been uncompromising in our goals to always put the designer first,” said Marius Kalytis, CEO and founder of “Clearly our efforts have been recognized as the computer graphics and design industry’s biggest names and upcoming artists alike continue to find great success.”

The 100,000-product milestone will be marked by the first CGTrader Awards, to be announced in April, to honor the industry’s best software companies, most influential artists, news outlets and best 3D works, as voted by the designer community.

“While low-end 3D printers are underutilized by mainstream consumers, we believe that the industry is just a few years away from producing consumer products with industrial 3D printers at mass manufacturing prices, creating immense demand for 3D content and design skills,” said Dalia Lasaite, chief marketing officer of

  “Today, a novice consumer can go to our site, download almost anything they can imagine, and send the file to a local 3D printer to pick up their model.  They can also use online printers and have it shipped to them,” Lasaite added.

CGTrader seeks to democratize the 3D market and its dedication to educating 3D enthusiasts about 3D printing technology, the company said.