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2017 TWICE VIP Award Winner, Tablet Accessories: König & Meyer Universal Tablet Holder

Ideal for lyrics, music, dialogue and more, this sleek and streamlined Universal Tablet Holder can be adjusted in height, width and even depth to accommodate different tablet sizes. Without tools, it holds the tablet securely and effectively in place with or without a case. The strong, prismatic clamping arms hug the tablet securely and the tablet can be easily snapped in and out of place in portrait or landscape view. Four configurations are available: Clamp-On, which attaches to any tube up to 1.181 inch diameter; Mic Mount, which attaches to standard mic stands; Tabletop, which is ideal for any flat surface; and Tripod Stand, which has a mic mount with a K&M mic stand. It can accommodate any tablet with a height of 8.6 to 13 inches and 5-to 9.1-inch width.