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2017 TWICE VIP Award Winner, Outdoor Automation Devices: Skylink ATOMS Garage Door Opener

Skylink’s ATOMS Garage Door Opener is compatible with the IFTTT platform and integrated with Alexa Voice Service Technologies. It boasts a sleek design that reportedly eliminates the need for cumbersome wiring, making for an easy install for the consumer. Employing an LCD Wall Console for ultimate convenience, users have no need to climb a ladder for programming. The wireless design of the garage door opener and safety infrared sensors further simplifies the installation process. With wireless devices and easy programming, users can put themselves out of harm’s way during installation while avoiding costly set-up fees. The ATOMs Garage Door Opener features a built-in LED light with a patented backup battery in case of a power failure. Being controlled by a remote, iOS or Android device, users can use a unique passcode protected remote to access their garage. In case the remote is lost or stolen, there is no way to gain access to the home’s largest entry point without knowing the code. With the IFTTT platform, users can seamlessly connect with other devices from numerous manufacturers on the market. Additionally, it allows them to run recipes for functions unrelated to other smart devices, bringing advance functionality to Skylink’s system. With the Alexa Voice Service Technologies integration, users can run commands and the system can learn new skills based on the user’s preferences, including opening and closing the garage door at specific times based on the user’s schedule.