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1080p, LED Highlight DLPs At Samsung Line Show

New DLP offerings were a key part of Samsung’s recent New York line review, as the company showed expanded 1080p and LED-based model offerings.

Highlighting the lineup this year is new cabinet designs that reduce the footprint depth while narrowing the surrounding gloss-black bezels to either 0.6 inches or 0.8 inches. All models this year include three HDMI inputs.

“We see the sales trend shifting to 1080p,” said Steve Panosian, Samsung’s digital projection marketing director. “Fourteen out of 17 DLP models this year are 1080p, and by the fourth quarter we believe 80 to 90 percent of the business will be in 1080p.”

In 1080p DLP models with UHP backlighting, Samsung is offering its 76 Series, which includes the 50- ($1,999), 56- ($2,299) and 61-inch ($2,699) screen sizes. Each measures 10 inches deep, except the 61-inch piece which is 11 inches deep, and has a 0.8-inch bezel.

This year, Samsung carries six second-generation LED-based 1080p DLP models across two lines. Samsung is using both a smaller LED chip and a smaller 1080p DMD DLP chip from Texas Instruments, allowing a narrower cabinet depth, Panosian said.

All new LED models feature a 0.6-inch bezel width and a cabinet design that virtually makes the set appear to be a flat-panel model when viewed straight on.

The currently shipping 87 Series DLP rear-projection series is one of two lines to use Luminus Devices’ PhlatLight LED light sources this year. The technology has been improved to increase color saturation, said Panosian. The 87 series, which draws a $300 premium of UHP lamp-based models, will include the 50- ($2,299), 56- ($2,599) and 61-inch ($2,999) screen sizes.

At the top of the line, Samsung is shipping its 89 series of LED-based models. The high-end assortment, which commands a $200 premium over 87 series units, will also include 50- ($2,499), 56- ($2,799) and 61-inch ($3,199) screen sizes. All will include HDMI v1.3 inputs and will be capable of reproducing future x.v.YCC enhanced color gamut source material, Panosian said.

Other features in the 89 Series include Bluetooth connectivity and HDMI-CEC unified system operability integration.