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Yamaha Updates 2-Channel Component-Audio Selection

Buena Park, Calif. –
Yamaha is bringing two-channel audio components, mainstays of the ’70s and ’80s
component-audio market, into the 21


century with its first two-channel
components compatible with Yamaha’s iPod docks and Bluetooth-streaming module.

The compatible
products, all with retro ’70s and ’80s cosmetics, consist of three stereo
receivers and an integrated amp. Another new stereo component is an AM/FM
tuner. All ship by the end of October.

 The receivers are the $549-suggested
2×100-watt R-S700, $399 2×75-watt R-S500, and $329 2×50-watt R-S300. The
integrated amp is the 2×85-watt $449 A-S500, which can be mated with the new
$299 T-S500 AM/FM tuner.

The new models will replace select two-channel products already in the line, which include stereo amps.

The receivers and integrated amp are
compatible with Yamaha’s optional $99.95-suggested YDS-12 wired dock and $149
YID-W10 wireless dock, which comes with iPod-attachable RF module to stream
music from an iPod held in the user’s hand. The docks feature their own
independent power supplies to deliver a higher signal-to-noise ratio, the
company noted. They also receive a balanced audio signal to reduce voltage
noise for higher sound quality, Yamaha added. The components also connect to an
optional YBA-10 Bluetooth wireless audio receiver through a proprietary

The components feature
“muscular vintage designs reminiscent of earlier, highly regarded Yamaha stereo
receivers, amps and tuners” because of “uncluttered” extruded-aluminum front
panels and large knobs, said Yamaha Electronics president Tom Sumner. They also
feature such refinements as a special power supply to deliver the best sound
from a docked iPod, multi-zone capabilities, proprietary ToP-ART (Total Purity
Audio Reproduction Technology) to deliver accurate soundfield
reproduction, and an ART Base to eliminate the deleterious sonic effects caused
by external vibrations, the company added.

The top-end R-S700 and
R-S500 receivers feature two-zone capability, and the latter comes with a
second remote unit to control system operation from the second zone. Both are
also Sirius-ready. All three receivers feature 40 station presets

The receivers and
integrated amp also come with subwoofer output and phono input for connecting a

The receivers and
integrated amp also feature Pure Direct technology, which enables audio signals
to bypass non-essential circuitry and tone controls to deliver purest sound,
the company said.

The tuner features 40-station presets as well
as 2-line, 16-character dot-matrix display.