Xpand Touts Cannes Presence


Cannes, France - Active-shutter 3D glasses manufacturer Xpand reports it is in its second year of an exclusive technical partnership with the Cannes Film Festival to provide technical support for all 3D screenings at the event, which began today.

Under terms of the partnership, which extends through 2012, Xpand will provide glasses as well as all the necessary equipment and training of personnel for all of the 3D screenings shown at the Festival and the Film Market.

In addition, Xpand is employing its 3D technology for other festival sections, including Un Certain Regard, Cannes Classics, and more. All of the digital 3D projections are being made in co-operation with the technical management of the Cannes festival, the Commission Superieure Technique Du Cinema (CST).

This year, two feature films will be shown in 3D, including Rob Marshall's "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" and Takashi Miike's "Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai."

"We are very pleased to be working with Xpand again this year. The rapid growth in popularity of 3D technology in cinema, even from last year, has been very exciting," said Laurent Hebert, General Delegate for the CST. "We believe that Xpand's partnership with the Cannes Film Festival reflects this rise in popularity and we are proud to be involved."

"Xpand's partnership with the Cannes Film Festival not only provides the opportunity for Festival attendees to experience world-class 3D the way it is meant to be seen; it also demonstrates our domination in the European and international cinema markets," said Maria Costeira, CEO of Xpand. "As the global leader of 3D, we continue to develop new solutions and products to improve the 3D cinema experience."


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