Wi-Ex Upgrades SO/HO-Oriented Cellular-Signal Booster


Atlanta -


, the supplier of zBoost-brand cellphone signal boosters, launched a new in-door 800/1900MHz booster for SO/HO users, reducing the device's size while boosting performance over its same-price predecessor.

The $399-suggested SOHO YX545, due in August, increases signal strength by up to 20 percent more than its predecessor, features a smaller base unit, and comes with a new low-profile outboard receiving antenna with a 3 dbi to 5 dbi gain over the previous model's antenna. A new user interface is simpler, featuring only one button.

New software enables the device to optimize reception automatically every 24 hours, the company said. "At any time cell towers can adjust their signal, or other obstacles can interfere, and cause the zBoost to perform at a lower level," said CEO Lloyd Meese of the software.

The SOHO YX545 replaces the 510 and comes with amplifier base unit, power supply, base unit antenna, and RG59-mini coaxial cable to connect the base station to a receiving antenna.   Like other zBoost products, the SOHO features patented technology to prevent a cell site's performance from degrading, the company said.

"A reliable in-door cellphone signal is a necessity for many consumers," Meese said of the device's market potential. He pointed to a December 2009 survey commissioned by Wi-Ex and conducted by Harris Interactive. The survey found that 67 percent of cellphone owners experience reception problems when making cellphone calls in their homes, and 49 percent claim to have done something special to improve in-door signal strength. In addition, 67 percent of cellphone owners use cellular data applications and, of those, 57 percent experience reception problems.

Wi-Ex offers a line of cellphone signal extenders for the home, office and car.


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