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Westinghouse Prepares CES LCD Lineup

Orange, Calif. –

Westinghouse Digital

Wednesday it will be showing a new range of LCD TV screen sizes, styles and
features at International CES next week.

“We’re not only
expanding the range of size of our LED and LCD lines in 2012, but we’re also
introducing a variety of new models with a collection of styles and features,
along with the debut of several new accessories from Westinghouse,” said Rey
Roque, Westinghouse Digital marketing senior VP.

“Our extensive
range of HDTVs can now truly fulfill the needs of any consumer. The line offers
an array of sizes from 19 to 70 inches, including sets with an ultra slim bezel
design and 3D capabilities.”

At CES, Westinghouse
will show a 70-inch UW70-series and a 55-inch EW55-series LED-lit LCD TV. Both
feature 1080p resolution, 120Hz refresh rates and 8ms response times.

The sets offer
three HDMI, one component and one VGA input.

Other models on
display include an upcoming line of ultra-slim-bezel LED HDTVs, including the
46-inch UW46 series, with 1080p resolution, 120Hz refresh rate and 6.5 ms
response time.

Midrange sets include
the 40-inch EW40 and 32-inch EW32. The former offers FullHD 1080p resolution, a
120Hz refresh rate and 6.5ms response time, while the 32-inch EW32 offers 720p

Westinghouse will
be introducing several multifunctional LED sets that can be used as combination
HD television/gaming/computer displays, in a range of sizes from 19 to 24 inches.
The 24-inch EW24 series and 22-inch EW22 series are 1080p models while the 19-inch
EW19 series offers 720p HDTV resolution. All feature a speedy 5ms response time
with two HDMI, one composite and one VGA/component input.

Westinghouse will
be showing a 47-inch 3D HDTV in the W47 series, which is based on passive-glasses
3D technology and offers 1080p resolution and a 6ms response time. It will ship
with four pairs of glasses.

Westinghouse is
also debuting four CCFL-based sets, including the 50-inch CW50 series, the 38.5-inch
CW39 series and the 37-inch CW37 series. 
All three 1080p sets offer three HDMI, one component and one VGA input.
The sets also feature 3D noise reduction, inverse 3:2 pull-down for flicker-free
movies, and three-way selectable color temperature.

The 32-inch CW32
series offers 720p resolution, three HDMI, one component and one VGA input.