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Walmart Discounts iPhones New And Old

Bentonville, Ark. — Walmart has shaved $20 off the $99 contract price of Apple’s forthcoming 16GB iPhone 5c and $10 off the $199 iPhone 5s.

The discounter began taking in-store pre-orders for the iPhone 5c this morning, in advance of the new handsets’ Sept. 20 sale date.

 Walmart has also dropped the contract price of the discontinued iPhone 5 from $98 to $79 for the 16GB model, and cut $100 from the price of unlocked iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 models, to $549 and $349, respectively, for use with its Straight Talk prepaid plan.

The retailer will also provide up to a $300 store credit for pre-owned iPhone 5 handsets under an expanded CE trade-in program with CExchange.