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VoIP Networks Insecure: Report

New York — VoIP providers are not taking the necessary steps to secure their networks from emerging security threats, a new report asserts.

According to the research firm Light Reading, the rise in threats to VoIP security mirror many of the security concerns that have plagued the Internet and email, and they will force service providers to partner with third-party security vendors to improve their networks.

“Despite the hard lessons learned through security breaches in the earlier days of email and Internet, most VoIP users are not securing their networks adequately,” said Denise Culver, research analyst, in a statement announcing the report.

“Some vendors believe this is a matter of VoIP users simply not understanding how to adequately secure their networks, while others believe it is necessary to better educate the VoIP marketplace about security issues, as well as create better tools to combat threats themselves,” Culver added.