Viper SmartStart To Be Available For Windows Phones

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Vista, Calif. - Directed Electronics has teamed up with Microsoft for a Windows Phone 7 version of the

Viper SmartStart app

, and said it plans other jointly developed products as well. 

The Viper remote-starting app should be available for Windows Phone users later in the year, according to Directed.

"We're very excited about partnering with Microsoft to extend Viper SmartStart products to the Windows Phone 7 platform," said Mike Simmons, executive VP of Directed Electronics, in a statement. "Our developers were able to quickly bring the app to Windows Phone 7 because they are so familiar with the Microsoft environment. We look forward to collaborating with Microsoft in other areas, including jointly developing advanced solutions for the Cloud-connected car."

"Viper SmartStart has been on our radar screen for Windows Phone 7 since it launched," noted Jeff Sandquist, developer relations senior director for Microsoft. "The app has changed the way smartphone users interact with their vehicles, and Microsoft is very pleased that this innovative app will be available to millions of Windows Phone users."


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