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Viper Enters Home Security

Vista, Calif. – Car security brand Viper has made its first foray into the home security market with Viper Home, a self-installing app-based home monitor that can be controlled by a smartphone.

The Viper Home Starter Kit consists of a central hub that connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, an indoor motion detector and a magnetic door/window sensor. The new ViperConnect app allows home monitoring via smartphone and is integrated into the company’s existing SmartStart car security app for an all-in-one home and car security solution. No tools are required for installation, Viper said.

The hub sends real-time notifications of any motion detected or unauthorized entry to a home’s key entry point by the sensors, running on RF. Additional modules, sold separately, can be mixed and matched to create a custom home security system with up to 64 devices attached. Accessories include additional motion detectors and entry sensors, an indoor camera, siren, and a remote control key fob. A Z-Wave bridge is also available to control a home’s existing Z-Wave devices such as lighting, thermostats and garage doors, among others.

ViperConnect is currently available in iTunes and Google Play and the starter kit, retailing for $229.99, is available exclusively through Best Buy stores in the U.S.

With the addition of a video camera with wireless motion detector ViperWatch streaming video notifications can be enabled for a monthly fee of $9.99/month. The service allows real-time video monitoring and response via smartphone.

Viper’s indoor camera and motion detector features a multi-zone spherical lens with a wide 90-degree horizontal by 105-degree vertical coverage zone and sealed optics to protect it from external light, pet hair or insects that can trigger false alarms. It combines passive infrared motion detection with image capture for color motion-JPEG images and streams them up to 5 frames per second via a multi-resolution VGA color CMOS camera (80 by 60 to 640 by 480 resolutions). It also incorporates auto-activated super-bright white LEDs for night or low-light illumination. Battery life is said to be up to a year. It retails for $149.99.

Additional indoor motion detectors retail for $49.99 each. Magnetic door/window sensors are $24.99 each.

An available indoor siren features an 85-decibel alarm that sounds for 90 seconds after an intrusion is detected. It can also be set for a shorter, quieter alert to double as a doorbell. It retails for $49.99.

A wireless RF-powered key fob has a 5-button interface with four arm/disarm modes and status keys. LED indicators show what’s happening with the system and the fob adds a personal SOS panic button. Additionally, if the key fob is ever lost or stolen, it can be deactivated remotely. It retails for $24.99.

“Viper Home was created to give people a technologically advanced, yet self-installed and low-cost solution to home security that they can personally monitor through their smartphones with sensors and real-time video,” said James Turner, product development VP. “We believe our proprietary technology will show that traditional home security firms with expensive monthly fees are a thing of the past.”