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Video & Audio Center Debuts Sony 65- & 55-Inch 4K Sets

Santa Monica, Calif. — Video & Audio Center began selling Sony Electronics’ 65- and 55-inch 4K TVs and officially opened its 4K department, here, during an afternoon event yesterday.

During the retailer’s 12 noon to 5 p.m. event, with Sony executives in attendance, it sold six of its new 65-inch model at $6998 and one 84-inch at $24,999, according to corporate director and spokesperson Tom Campbell. Pricing for the 65-inch model and the 55-inch (selling for $4,998) were announced last week at the NAB Show.

Campbell noted that all three Sony 4K sets are now available from Video & Audio Center, as well as the 84-inch LG and 85-inch Samsung. They are “all on the floor” and have been put in the same area of the store, he said.

He said that the customers who bought the Sony 4K sets yesterday all commented on “the cosmetics and sound quality. The audio on these sets are great.” He added that customers realized that existing HD broadcasts look better in 4K, as well as “family photos and videos taken with their smartphones or tablets. They are better quality and bigger than the originals.”

To push the point, Campbell said, “In real estate, the mantra has always been, ‘Location, location, location.’ In video it is now, ‘Connectivity, connectivity, connectivity.’ ”