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Verizon Drops Unlimited Data Plans For Smartphones

Basking Ridge,
N.J. – Verizon Wireless has become the latest carrier to drop all-you-can-eat
data plans for smartphones in favor of usage-based plans.

  Beginning July 7, Verizon said it will no
longer offer a $29.99/month unlimited-data plan to new subscribers. Instead, new
subscribers will be offered four metered options. They are $10/month for 75MB
of data, $30/month for 2GB, $50/month for 5GB, and $80/month for 10GB. Overages
will be charged at a rate of $10/GB.

 Consumers subscribing to the current
unlimited-data plan will be able to keep their unlimited data plan if they
switch to another smartphone.

 Among the top four carriers, only Sprint now
offers unlimited-data plans for smartphones. In T-Mobile’s case, T-Mobile slows
down speeds dramatically when data subscribers go over their limit, whereas
Verizon and AT&T charge overage fees.

 In another change, Verizon is ending its free,
unlimited-use 4G LTE mobile hot spot service for 4G smartphones and, beginning
July 7, will charge current hot-spot-service users $30/month for unlimited
data. For new hot-spot subscribers, the charge will be $20/month for 2GB of
hot-spot data service.