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TWICE Spotlights Successful SKUs

What makes a consumer electronics or major appliance product a success? That’s the question we are attempting to answer with a paper-wide report in this week’s issue called Success Stories.

With the cooperation and help from NPDTechworld, which provided us with lists of unit sales leaders in selected categories for the 12 months ending April 2002, TWICE is profiling some of the best selling products in video, digital imaging, home audio, mobile electronics, computers, communications, accessories and major appliances.

In profiling each of the products TWICE editors selected, we interviewed both sides to see why certain SKUs were top sellers. The “Vendor’s View” stories provide the manufacturer’s opinion of their products, while retailers have their say in the “Retailers’ View” stories.

While manufacturers and retailers are usually at odds about plenty of things in this business, in discussing popular products that sold well, both sides seemed to agree on several points and disagree on but a few. (To see another view of the manufacturer/ retailer dynamic, see By The Numbers on p. 12 with Part 2 of a report from CEA’s Market Research Department.)

Pricing, or price moves, product features, design and brand reputation were among a few of the factors cited as definitive reasons why certain products topped their categories, or ranked in the top 10.

Our report begins with the Video section on p. 23 and continues throughout the issue to p. 50 with Major Appliances. See if you agree with the assessments of vendors and dealers who contributed their opinions to what we hope is a thought-provoking report.