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TWICE Picks Award Winner: Immotor Go Personal Vehicle

The Immotor Go Personal Vehicle features three distinct modes: ride, auto pilot and stand-by, allowing for complete versatility and customization of one’s commute. It connects to a smartphone app that allows for control and diagnostics over the air. With three-wheel stability, it requires no familiarity with two-wheel balance and has no learning curve, according to the company. This ultra-portable device is fully powered by Immotor Super Battery, billed as a revolutionary safe battery system developed by the Immotor team. With a built in microchip and processor, the battery is programmable and provides a wealth of information. The Super Battery has been engineered to maximize safety and is completely inert unless power is demanded of it by the Go via a “digital handshake.” The Go is also equipped with interactive, self-updating software, Bluetooth connectivity, media functionality with speaker, GPS tracking, parental controls, cruise control, back-end data gathering and analysis, and more. Built-in safety protocols and self-diagnostics intelligence links directly to customer service.