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TWICE, CEA To Spotlight Ultra HD

Ultra HD will have a strong presence at retail this fall and during the 2014 International CES in January.

This is why TWICE is proud to announce that we are partnering with the Consumer Electronics Association to produce during its annual CES Unveiled event in New York the “Ultra HD Conference at CES Unveiled” to be held on Tuesday, Nov. 12 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, here.

The “Ultra HD Conference at CES Unveiled New York” is a live event and will feature a series of panels and speakers addressing the new TV format.

Sessions will bring together in one room at one time TV manufacturers, retailers, analysts, content producers and content distributors to assess the rollout and migration path of a technology.

Stay tuned soon for news from TWICE and CEA about panelists, keynoters and subjects to be discussed during the “Ultra HD Conference at CES Unveiled New York.” We hope to see you in November.

Due to all the interest in this new high-performance video format, TWICE is publishing in this issue a special supplement called “The Ultra Guide To Ultra HD TV.”

The “Ultra Guide” has been written, for the most part, by our resident expert on all things video, executive editor Greg Tarr, and provides a wide and deep overview of Ultra HD.

Topics covered include the products, of course, as well as how the technology may affect TV market shares, content availability, new standards, and how these new large high-performance TVs are selling at retail, among other subjects.

We hope this report will bring everyone up to speed about Ultra HD and be a guide this fall about the issues the industry will face as this new technology rolls out.

CEDIA Expo Gets Back To Its Roots

Ultra HD won’t have a strong presence at CEDIA Expo when it opens in Denver this week, a little later than its usual Labor Day week schedule.

If you review the introductions planned for CEDIA Expo, you will see that the show will have a strong home audio feel with new products that not only provide better audio performance, but some that provide an improved overall home-theater experience.

There will be new home audio components shown that improve stereo music and surround-sound performance and some that will enhance home-theater’s video performance. Multiroom A/V suppliers will debut new options for shuttling audio and video signals around the house. And there will be speakers of all types: architectural, high-end in-room speakers, active soundbars, TV-speaker bases and wireless speakers, just to mention a few.

If nothing else, CEDIA Expo continues to be a good event for home entertainment custom installers, retailers and suppliers to compare notes right before the craziness of the fourth quarter begins.

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