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Tweeter, Comcast HDTV Partnership At Retail Expands

Tweeter Home Entertainment and the giant cable TV multisystem operator Comcast, based in Philadelphia, said they will expand their partnership on retailing cable HDTV systems and services to markets in 10 states.

Beginning this month, Comcast HDTV services will be offered through 87 Tweeter, Sound Advice and HiFi Buys stores in Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. It has previously offered Comcast HDTV services in 19 Philadelphia-area stores. Under the program the retailer will sell digital HDTV-ready sets and Comcast HDTV service, offering free basic delivery of the HDTV sets or $50 off Tweeter’s deluxe delivery option, Tweeter said.

The offer is valid for new Comcast HDTV customers, including those upgrading from Comcast’s analog or Digital Cable service, Comcast said.

Comcast originally launched HDTV services on systems in the Philadelphia market in 2001. The cable operator said it now offers HDTV service to approximately 54 percent of its customers. The Comcast HD programming lineup includes local broadcasters, PBS stations, ESPN, HBO and Showtime, as well as Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia and the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore area.