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Trident Backs Qi Standard, Debuts Wireless Charging Accessories

Ontario, Calif. — Trident Case has joined the Wireless Power Consortium and is introducing its first line of wireless chargers and smartphone charging cases.

The company’s Electra Qi cases enable wireless charging for the Apple iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5s, and Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5 when placed on an Electra wireless charging pad or any Qi-based charging surface. The cases feature a protective outer framework that encloses the device and a self-applicable screen protector.

Trident’s Electra Qi Double Charging Pad is a portable soft-touch polycarbonate charging pad with enough room to charge two devices at once. It includes a media stand and anti-skid feet. A smaller one-device pad is also available.

Also new is Trident’s Electra Qi Power Bank Power 4000, a portable Qi charger with a rechargeable 4,000 mAh lithium-polymer battery that can charge a device in the absence of an electrical outlet. Users can place a Qi-compatible mobile device on top of the pad or plug any USB-equipped device into the side USB port.

For in-vehicle charging, Trident’s Electra Qi Car Charging Holder fits into most standard vehicle cup holders. And for devices that are not Qi compatible, Trident is offering an adapter with MicroUSB and Lightning charging cables that attach to an Electra Qi charging pad.

“We are proud to announce our membership with the Wireless Power Consortium to develop and introduce wireless chargers for Trident Case users,” said Trident marketing VP Erin Luzzi. “Inductive charging eliminates the need for a power cord or battery replacement, making devices more convenient. Now, Trident users can charge their mobile devices with any one of our five easy-to-use chargers that use Qi wireless charging technology.”