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TiVo, Yahoo! Launch Joint Service

Alviso, Calif. – Digital video recorder provider TiVo and Yahoo! announced they have launched a joint service which will enable owners of TiVo’s Series 2 DVRs to schedule television recordings remotely, using Yahoo!’s Internet TV listings.

Effective Nov. 7, TiVo Series 2 owners need only a standard Yahoo! User ID to begin using the service.

Yahoo! provides extensive TV program guides on its Web portal, including show times and program descriptions. The Yahoo! TV listings page will provide users with a bar that will enable users to record a show on their TiVo from any computer.

TiVo previously offered remote programming functionality from its own Web site, but the new application with Yahoo! Was said to be more sophisticated and user friendly.

Both companies said the non-exclusive deal was made to exploit cross-promotional opportunities and to further differentiate each service from competitors.