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Terk By Audiovox Introduces HDMI, HD Radio SKUs At CES

Terk by Audiovox is showing an HDMI smart-home switch and HD Radio antennas during International CES at Central Hall booths 10506 and 11006.

The Terk HDMI-31 interface was developed to meet the requirements of high-definition products available today and for future models, as well. The HDMI-31 allows the user to attach multiple HDMI-enabled source devices (HD DVD disc players, HD set-top-boxes, HD game consoles and other HD equipment) to a single output source/switch.

From the switch, a single HDMI cable is used to deliver all connected high-definition audio and video digital signals to a digital television. Utilizing the HDMI’s CEC protocols, the HDMI-31 can switch between source devices; controlling the player functions is accomplished solely by remote control, the company said.

The HDMI line of accessories from Terk is a new market segment in which the company plans to actively participate, the firm said. Suggested retail is $99.99, and it is available now.

In HD Radio antennas Terk is supplying two models. The HDR-o outdoor amplified high-definition radio antenna is specifically engineered to capture digital high-definition radio broadcasts in both the AM and FM bands.

Features include high-gain design for optimum performance, pure band separation with mast and wall-mount options included. The suggested retail is $129.

HDR-i indoor high-definition radio antenna includes proprietary AM loop technology for minimal interference, engineered specifically for digital reception on the AM and FM bands, and ultra-low noise amplifier design. The suggested retail is $49.99.