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TDK Extends Line With CD/DVD Storage Cases

TDK is increasing its accessories lineup to include three organization products, namely DVD and CD storage cases.

The TDK DVD Quad Cases store four discs in the space of a single DVD movie case and keep multiple disc sets in one place.

Because it is the same size as a standard, single-disc DVD movie case, the Quad can seamlessly be stored in a DVD media rack alongside other DVD movies.

The Quad also cuts down on case clutter, while the easy-release disc hub firmly holds the disc in place and facilitates releasing without bending the disc. A 10-pack has a suggested retail of $9.99.

The TDK Slim Case is half the width of a standard DVD case, allowing consumers to store twice as many discs in the same amount of space. The Slim, like the Quad, has an ultra-secure easy-release disc hub. Suggested retail is $8.99 for a 10-pack.

The TDK color CD Flexx Case provides what the company calls the ultimate in disc protection and compact media storage. Each Flexx Case is half the width of a standard CD case and is made from a virtually shatterproof flexible material.

Flexx comes in five colors and clicks closed, thus securely protecting discs by sealing out grime, fluids and other contaminants that can have a negative impact on media performance. Suggested retail is $10.99 for a 25-pack.

In addition to the premium storage cases, TDK is offering Slim and standard-size clear CD cases as well as Slim and standard-size color CD cases, which are supplied in five different colors.

The company also is offering a Maintain family of disc and hardware maintenance products, and a Personalize family of disc labeling solutions.