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TCL Unveils 110-inch 4K LCD TV

Beijing – Television manufacturer TCL said Friday that its
Shenzhen-based China Star Optoelectronics Technology subsidiary has developed
the world’s largest 110-inch 4K
HD 3D LCD screen.

The company formally launched the technology at a recent ceremony
here by donating two of the mammoth screens to the Great Hall of the People for
public display.

“The successful launch of the world’s largest 110-inch screen
once again proved TCL’s research and development capabilities,” Li Dongsheng,
TCL chairman and CEO, said. “Not only will TCL benefit from the development of
this breakthrough technology, all TV manufacturers in China and overseas, will
be able to capitalize on this revolutionary product design.”

There was no word yet on plans to introduce the LCD in the U.S.
or how much the set will cost.

TCL is calling the technology “China Star” to mark China as “the
third country to have successfully developed high-end display technology,
behind Japan and South Korea.”

China Star technology utilizes 4K by 2K (4,096 by 2,160 pixels)
panels, active 3D technology, multi-touch technology, intelligent and dynamic
backlight technology, and ultra-high brightness of 800 nits, and it reproduces 92
percent of the NTSC color gamut.

TCL said the specs “represent the highest standards in the
industry currently.”

The screen display area measures 3.34 square meters, the largest LCD
in the world, the company said.

It is equipped with the TCL’s self-developed Fine Stereo
Performance (FSP) technology application.

The display also includes major breakthroughs in the use of high-end
lithography, oversized partial affixed technology and advanced backlight
techniques, China Star Optoelectronics Technology CEO He Chengming said.

Concurrently, the China Star technology is in line with industry
trends and consumer demands.

“China will replace Japan and South Korea as the world leader in
TV display screens in terms of manufacturing and R&D in three to five years,
and will provide a higher level of quality and more cost-effective products to
the global community,” said Gu Zhihua, director of the flat-panel display
center at Fudan University.