Targus Adds iPad Screen Protector

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Anaheim, Calif. - Targus announced today at Macworld that it has extended its Screen Protector with Clear View technology line to the recently announced Apple iPad.

Clear View is a patent-pending technology that protects touchscreen devices such as smartphones, e-readers and laptops from fingerprints, scratches and smudges, and adds anti-glare treatment and a specially formulated adhesive that prevents bubbles and peeling.

The protective film features a microscopic landscape of ridges and valleys that work to dissipate fingerprint oils, reducing prints and smudges on the screen. These micro structures also reduce glare and when combined with the properties of the film, create a scratch-proof surface, the company said.

The Screen Protector is pre-cut for a precise fit on the iPad and other touchscreen devices. "In addition to our current line of fingerprint-resistant screen protectors for iPhone 3G, 3G S and the iPod Touch, Targus is happy to extend its product line to include the recently released iPad," said Carolyn Perrier, accessories product management and marketing VP.  "As touchscreen devices become more prevalent, so is the need for keeping the screens free from fingerprints and smudges for optimum clarity."

The Screen Protector for the iPad (model AWV1216US) will be available in April.


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