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Target Adds Family DVD Player

Salt Lake City – ClearPlay, the developer of a DVD player system that filters out objectionable material from select movies, said it is about to introduce its newest DVD player to use the system nationwide through Target stores.

The player, model CP-007 (currently selling direct from the company at $79.95), will allow families to watch regular DVD movies without the sex, violence, profanity and other adult content.

The ClearPlay system uses patented filtering technology to smoothly skip and mute over unwanted content, the company said.

The product, which was manufactured by Malata and sold under the ClearPlay logo, will be available exclusively at Target stores nationally, as well as on the and Web sites. In Target stores the player sells for $59.99. It sells for $79.95 on the Web sites.

ClearPlay’s patented technology uses filters that are created specifically for each movie, allowing for frame-specific skips and mutes.

The CP-007 uses a USB FilterStik to transfer new filters from a PC or laptop to the DVD player. The FilterStik also allows playback of digital photos on TV.

ClearPlay said it offers filters for over 2,200 top movies, and adds more every week when new DVD’s are released.

The new ClearPlay DVD players include a free trial membership to ClearPlay Filter updates, as well as access to the entire ClearPlay Filter library.

ClearPlay’s technology survived legal challenge from Hollywood studios, who claimed that the filtering system was a breach of their copyrights.