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T-Mobile Prepares For HSPA+ Rocket Liftoff

Bellevue, Wash. – T-Mobile plans to
launch the first HSPA+ device from a national cellular carrier on March 14, when
the WebConnect Rocket USB Laptop Stick goes on sale for use in the carrier’s
single HSPA+ market in Philadelphia.

HSPA+ delivers theoretical wireless-download speeds of
21Mbps compared with 7.2Mbps HSPA, which is deployed throughout T-Mobile’s
network. The carrier, however, said it’s still “working to put the necessary
backhaul in place to support these faster [7.2Mbps HSPA] speeds.”

In the coming months, the carrier continued, T-Mobile
turn on HSPA+ in major cities on both coasts, followed by a “broad national
deployment” planned for the end of the year.

The PC- and Mac-compatible laptop stick also
incorporates Wi-Fi, and unlimited free use of T-Mobile Hot Spots is included in
the stick’s data plans.

The stick will retail for $99.99, plus taxes and fees,
with a two-year contract and WebConnect data plan at select carrier-owned stores
in Philadelphia, online at

and at (800) T-Mobile.

WebConnect data plans requiring two-year contracts are
the $59.99/month plan with included 5GB/month and $29.99/month for 200MB plan.
Overage charges for both are 20 cents/MB.

The new no-contract Even More Plus WebConnect data
plans are $49.99/month for 5GB and $19.99/month for 200MB. Overage charges are
20 cents/MB.