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Start-Up Kineticane Plans ‘Smart Cane’

NEW YORK — Long-time CE veteran Ron Goldberg’s new start-up, Kineticane, is bringing to market the Isowalk, an intelligent mobility aid that can be described as a “smart cane.”

The Isowalk features a native pendulum movement that is naturally self-propulsive. A radically re-imagined handle and grip provides dramatically improved comfort, leverage and stability, the company said. It is lightweight and has a strategic center of gravity that makes the device “virtually effortless to use,” according to Goldberg.

Adjustable for both left and right handed users, a self-conforming shock relief system automatically adapts to each user and step.

Future digital models will allow the Isowalk to fully participate in a smart home and/ or smart health environment by monitoring and archiving data such as pressure, gait rate, ambulation distance and physiological markers, and by interaction with smart home sensors.

“Lack of innovation has failed us all in this critical healthcare sector,” said Goldberg. “The cane is a crude and ergonomically hostile device that millions have to endure because there’s never been a choice. Cheap canes are a profitable status quo for their makers, hence no innovation. Isowalk is a breakthrough technology in a space that sorely needs it.”

The company completed a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo and also plans to market “connected” Isowalk models that can provide recovery and wellness data, location tracking and twoway alerts.

No availability date or pricing has been released.