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Stampede Boosts Credit To Dealers

Amherst, N.Y.
– Stampede Presentations Products is expanding the credit facilities it offers
to qualified dealers.

value-added distributor added that it is investing millions of additional
dollars in deepening its product inventory to be in a stronger position to meet
dealer demands for faster order shipments.

“Our dealers
have made it very clear to us that they see 2012 as a very strong year for them
if they can obtain the credit they need and the product they need to complete
their customer installations in a timely way,” Stampede president/COO Kevin
Kelly said in a statement.

“Stampede is
in a very strong financial position to meet both of these needs and we intend
to do so by expanding the credit we offer to qualified dealers and increasing
the inventory we carry on critically important core products, such as displays,
projectors, and video conferencing equipment.”

During 2011
alone, Stampede extended over $55 million monthly in credit lines to its


This credit lifeline “helped countless customers not only
maintain their businesses but expand them in very challenging times. And now
that business in general is improving, Stampede is totally committed to
increasing its financial support to dealers in the two areas that matter most
to them – credit and inventory,” the distributor said in a statement.

Stampede is
able to step in and provide the support its dealers need because it has a
record of sustained year-to-year growth despite the recession. “You have to
remember that last year Stampede experienced a 51-percent growth in unit sales
in core categories and a 48-percent increase in operating profit, constituting
the most successful year in our 15-year history. In fact, Stampede now
represents more than 120 different manufacturers, with 35 new lines added just in
the last two years, to support our 9,000-plus dealer partners,” Kelly