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Stampede: Ahead Of The Herd

When it comes to winning in today’s complex, everchanging CE industry, you have a choice. You can play it safe and stay with the pack, or you can ride with Stampede and seize the opportunities that new technologies present and turn them into long-term revenue streams for your business.

For nearly 20 years, Stampede has turned conventional wisdom on its head, pioneering the commercialization of innovative new technologies, platforms, products, and services that make CE systems much more effective – and profitable.

With more than 150 partners, unmatched credit facilities, and access to new product categories, Stampede is the partner you need. In fact, Stampede, North America’s largest and oldest dedicated ProAV distributor, is the only company able to offer CE dealers a complete range of the ProAV products that today’s corporate, education, retail, hospitality, government, and house of worship customers want most – digital signage, low-cost high-quality video conferencing, unified communications, projectors and displays, as well as all the products and connectivity tools that complement these rapidly growing fields.

Stampede is the solutions provider that introduced the industry to video conferencing, unified communications, bring-your-own-device, the Internet of Things and, most recently, Drone Video Systems (DVS). Stampede helps turn these ideas into businesses that create new revenue streams while adding value and profit to traditional systems.

The rapid and widespread adoption of drones by business owners around the world is quickly becoming a revenuegenerating engine. As a forward-thinking company, Stampede understands the urgent need to present the full capabilities of this new technology. So, in addition to drone hardware, Stampede offers a variety of different drone accessories and add-ons, like sensors, video downlink compressions, GPS and live conferencing capabilities. Resellers can also tailor command and control aspects to a market, with control categories such as personal, portable, fixed, video data management, archiving, storage and retrieval and live video data sharing.

From traditional AV products to cutting edge new technologies and services, Stampede is the one high value added distributor ready and able to provide you with the complete solution to take your business into the future.