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Speakeasy Launches Small-Business Service

Seattle — The Best Buy-owned VoIP and data provider Speakeasy will offer a new, integrated voice business trunking service this month.

The offering combines voice and data services on a single T1 connection. A $379 per month basic plan includes a T1 line and four voice lines.

Additional lines, up to 12 in total, can be purchased for $24.95/month per trunk. A business bundle will offer a T1 line, eight business trunks, long-distance minutes, a toll-free number, direct-inward dialing and other features for $579 per month.

The business voice service employs the G.729 voice codec but customers can also choose to have voice services delivered via the G.711 codec.

Voice service features including simultaneous ring, click-to-call and auto-attendant.