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Sony Video Recorder For Handhelds

San Diego – Sony will ship in October the first video recorder for handhelds.

The company’s new PEGA-VR100K is about the size of VHS cassette and hooks into a TV or cable box via coaxial cable to record TV or cable programming. The unit records onto Memory Stick media for viewing later on Sony CLIE TG, NX, NZ or UX series handhelds.

The VR-100K works with 1GB Memory Stick PRO or 128MB Memory Stick, for recording approximately four and two hours of programming, respectively. It can also be used with computers that have a video-input jack as it has a built-in TV tuner. List price for the PEGA-VR100K is $300.

‘This is indicative of Sony’s efforts to go beyond the traditional PDA,’ said Alex Slawsby, analyst for IDC, Framingham, Mass. He said the unit essentially turns high end Sony CLIE’s into Personal Video Players (PVPs) and that the VR100K can be considered a competitor with that category. Slawsby noted, however, the high price of recording on Memory Stick as 1GB units sell at about $400 and 128,000 units at about $70.