Sony Updates P-Series Netbooks

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New York - Sony is all about color this summer with the release today of  updated versions of its Vaio P-series netbook.


The P series has a severe rectangular shape like an oversized business envelope, and it comes in five colors: Electric Orange, Neon Green, Hot Pink, Icy White and Classic Black.

The 1.4-pound netbook is about 9.5 inches wide and just less than 5 inches tall when opened.

The configuration allows for Sony to place the track pad and mouse buttons on the LCD bezel so the users can hold it like a large PDA. There is also a trackball in the keyboard, and, like a smartphone, the device can be turned to view images or documents in either a portrait or landscape mode.

There is also a one-touch resolution button, so users can quickly increase the size of the onscreen type. Other quick-assist buttons enable instant Web viewing without having to load Windows and a Vaio Care assist button to enable quick maintenance.

The P series is available for pre-orders starting May 10 and will ship later this spring.


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