Sony S Series Laptops Unveiled

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New York - Sony Electronics today introduced what it hopes is a MacBook Pro killer with its new ultra-portable S Series.

The series is now available through with a starting price of $1,350.

The units feature a 13.3-inch display, weigh 3.8 pounds and come with an optional sheet battery that snaps onto the bottom of the computer that extends battery life to 15 hours. The sheet battery carries a $150 price tag.

Sony said these specs make the S series a great choice for customers looking for an ultra-portable Windows-based laptop that is in the MacBook Pro class.

The S models are configure to order and can be ordered with Intel Core i7 processors, AMD HD 6630 1GB graphics card that have 1GB of video RAM. Conventional hard drive and solid state storage is available.

An optional Blu-ray player is available and it has an HD webcam and mobile broadband included.

The S series comes in several new colors, burnished brown, jet black and platinum silver and the chassis is made of magnesium and aluminum.


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