Sony Presents 3D Expertise At Masters

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San Diego - Sony will showcase its 3D consumer TV and professional camera expertise when the Masters professional golf tournament tees off on this week.  The Augusta National Golf Club and viewers at select locations around the country will be treated to a unique view of the historic grounds.

Sony, a sponsor of the Masters' first broadcast in 3D, is outfitting hospitality suites at Augusta with its 3D Bravia LCD TV sets.

Select Sony Style stores will also host private events on April 8 with a two-hour live broadcast from two holes being broadcast in 3D. The 3D content will also be delivered to the new "Sony 3D Experience," a consumer research center developed by Sony and CBS and located in Las Vegas within the CBS Television City facility at the MGM Grand Hotel.

To produce the 3D images, Sony HD cameras will be used in stereo pairs supplied by NEP Productions, the mobile production company for the tournament. This year's Masters represents the largest worldwide gathering of Sony cameras being used to provide HD coverage, and the 3D coverage is being exclusively switched through a Sony MVS-8000-series production switcher.

Comcast will use its fiber network to carry the 3D production feed to the Comcast Media Center, where it will be packaged for distribution to cable systems, the official Masters Web site at

, as well as Sony 3D TV sets in the Augusta National Clubhouse and hospitality, suites and select Sony Style stores.

Well-known DP and 3D expert Vince Pace who worked with direct James Cameron on "Avatar" will also be working with the Sony cameras on the NEP truck.

The new Sony 3D TV sets will be in stores this summer. The LX900, which is currently on display at Sony Style stores across the country, offers integrated 3D functionality with a built-in 3D transmitter and ships with two pair of Sony's 3D active-shutter glasses, while the HX900 and HX800-series are 3D capable by adding the 3D transmitter and Sony 3D active-shutter glasses (both sold separately).


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