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Sony Intros Two CD Mavicas

Orlando, – Sony expanded its line of CD Mavicas with the introduction of the MVC-CD250 and MVC-CD400 at the PMA show, here.

The two Mavicas will ship with a media pack of six CD-Rs and one CD-RW disc, giving each camera over one gigabyte of available storage with sequential formatting.

The MVC-CD250 captures images with 2.0 megapixel (effective) resolution and 3x optical/2x digital zoom. Some new features it shares with the MVC-CD400 include MPEG HQX movie mode with audio and a three-shot burst mode for taking photos in rapid succession. It is expected to sell for about $600.

The MVC-CD400 offers 4.0 megapixel (effective) resolution, and includes an f2.0 Carl Zeiss lens and comes equipped with Hologram AF function, a Sony-exclusive laser focusing system designed to achieve accurate focus on subjects with little contrast in dark conditions.

The MVC-CD400 CD Mavica camera will be available in May for about $900.

According to Sony, the company concentrated on focus and exposure in the design of the new cameras. As such, several features have been integrated into the cameras such as a multi-point auto focus, multi-pattern and pre-flash exposure modes, as well as auto focus illumination and pre-set scene modes.

Multi-point auto focus ensures that the cameras don’t just focus on the center of the frame. Instead the MVC-CD250 model automatically finds the best focus among three different areas within the picture, while the MVC-CD400 lets the photographer automatically or manually select the best focus from five separate parts of the picture.

Sony’s pre-flash exposure metering calculates exposure with light from the flash itself. When the picture is taken, the flash fires twice: once to illuminate the subject and determine correct exposure, then a second time to record the image with the best exposure possible.

A Confirm-before-Write option lets the photographer determine if an image is worth saving before burning it to a CD.