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Sony Introduces Camcorders With Bluetooth Ability

Sony Corp. unveiled at IFA two “networked” video cameras, which include Bluetooth-based wireless networking protocols to enable interoperability of the camcorder and other home components without cable connections.

Sony said the Bluetooth system would allow the two-video camcorders to send still digital images to PCs or over the Internet via cell phones. The Bluetooth models include the DCR-PC120, which uses the DVC digital tape format and the DCR-IP7, which uses a new format Sony calls MICROMV. Sony will first ship the DCR-IP7 Network Handycam IP in the Japanese market on October 10 at 190,000 yen ($1,577) suggested retail price. The new MICROMV cassettes will sell for about 1,500 yen ($12.45) each. The DCR-PC120 ships a month earlier in Japan and will retail for about 170,000 yen ($1,411). U.S. marketing plans were not disclosed.