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Sony Gives Blu-ray A Push In NYC Showcase

New York – Looking to drive adoption of its many Blu-ray Disc players and
movies through the holiday selling season, executives from

Sony Electronics

and Sony Pictures staged an
elaborate showcase here Wednesday for key products and releases.

Central to the
messages of both Sony divisions was the arrival of new broadband-connected BD-Live
interactive extra content to be included on such key new Blu-ray Disc releases
as the following:

“Angels and Demons”: features video created after the disc’s release, including scenes from
the movie’s
world premiere in Rome.

“Godzilla”: e-movie cash offers a discount on a ticket for the current box
office release 2012.

“Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”: new Splat Mode enables
participation in an onscreen food fight.

“District 9”: features a “Joburg from above interactive map”

“Julie and Julia”: MovieIQ mode enables emailing yourself recipes from the movie.

“The Year One”: a video editor tool enables
creating a personalized edit of the film that can be shared with others.

On the hardware front, Chris
Fawcett, Sony Electronics home product division digital A/V products group marketing VP, said Sony’s BD-PS360 Blu-ray
Disc player, which is being promoted around the holidays by some retailers at
$149, will be one of the industry’s best deals.