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Sony Develops New CCD Image Sensor

Tokyo – Sony Corporation announced that is has developed what it has called ‘the world’s first consumer CCD with four color filters,’ in addition to a new image processor corresponding to the four color filter.

Conventional CCD sensors, found in the large majority of consumer digital cameras offered by Sony (a major CCD supplier) and others, rely on a three color filter which filters for red, green and blue (RGB). The new CCD adds a fourth, emerald, filter.

According to Sony, the addition of a fourth filter halves the color reproduction error when compared to conventional CCDs and will record images closer to the natural sight perception of the human eye.

To compliment the new CCD, Sony developed a new image processor. With this processor, each of the signals captured by the four color filter is processed to produce three colors close to the natural sight perception the human eye by a process called matrix calculation. It will also consume 30 percent less power than traditional processors.

Sony plans to integrate the newly developed four color filter CCD and the new image processor into its digital cameras ‘in the near future.’