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Sony Combines Electronics All In One Group

TOKYO — Sony Corp. has reorganized itself again, combining all of its electronics businesses under one roof.

To do this, the consumer electronics giant will put greater focus on delivering content over the Internet to cable TV set-top boxes, game consoles and wireless products, among other end platforms. The key broadband gateways will include digital TVs, mobile phones, PDAs, advanced VAIO personal computers and PlayStation units.

As part of a general reorganization, and what it calls the next stage of integrating and decentralizing management, Sony said it intends to heighten the profitability of its electronics-related businesses by enhancing product development and expanding network connectivity.

For mobile products, PCs will be made wireless compatible, PDAs will be upgraded and the connectivity of electronics products enhanced, the company said.

In order to transform itself into a “personal broadband network solutions company” for what it calls the “coming broadband network society,” — which is forecast to arrive around 2005 — Sony also is creating Global Hub, a management group expected to coordinate company strategy across all its groups.

The current reorganization, said to be the third since 1999, will take effect April 1 and will place more emphasis on broadband Internet access and handheld computing products. Sony said it will set up a separate division to manufacture handsets.