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Sony Adds Vaio Hybrids, AIO

New York — Sony has updated its Vaio line to include a new form factor that the company calls the Vaio Flip PC.

Also part of Sony’s fall computer rollout is the Vaio Tap 11 tablet and Tap 21 all-in-one PC. Sony said it will release pricing and shipping information in October.

The Vaio Flip PC is a laptop/tablet hybrid that is available in 13-, 14- and 15-inch touchscreen sizes. All three models have an Intel Core processor. The 13-inch model comes standard with a solid-state drive; a hybrid hard disk drive/SSD is featured on the 15-inch model, and either can be included on the 14-inch version. Other features include Nvidia graphics with up to 2GB of graphics memory.

The Tap 11 is a Windows 8 tablet with an Intel Core processor and a SSD. Sony estimates the Tap 11 will have 11 hours of battery life. It sports an SD card reader, USB 3.0 port, MicroHDMI and Wireless Display (WiDi).

The Tap 21 AIO PC is the successor to Sony’s Tap 20 portable AIO that can also be placed flat on a table so it can be shared among several users. It can be purchased with either a Core i5 or i7 processor and with either an SSD or HDD.

The Tap 21 has nearfield communications (NFC) technology so other NFC devices can quickly share content.