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Sony Adds Three PDAs To Clie Line

Sony released three new PDAs — all with built-in 310K-pixel digital cameras.

The new CLIE PEG-TH55 offers built-in 802.11b Wi-Fi, MP3 audio capability and a new “color tablet” form factor, in addition to the embedded camera.

The high-resolution 320-by-480 screen takes up all but a few centimeters of the front of the unit. It has 32MB of RAM and a 123MHz Sony processor at a price of $400. According to analyst firm ARS in La Jolla, Calif., the price falls significantly below other Wi-Fi models, which carry an average price of about $500.

Sony has also hit key price points with the new PEG-TJ37 and PEG-TJ27, $300 for the former and $200 for the latter. The TJ27 offers 320 by 320 resolution, 200MHz processor, 32MB RAM in addition to the built-in 310K pixel camera. It also comes with a free download of Documents To Go.

The step-up PEG-TJ37 offers the same features, plus 802.11b Wi-Fi, MP3 audio player and video playback. The units will compete with two of the best selling PDAs — the palmOne Tungsten E and Zire 71, said ARS. The models are expected to begin shipping in March.