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Sirius XM Dock For iPhone Due Oct. 18

New York
– The Sirius XM satellite-radio dock for the iPhone has been given a firm
release date of Oct. 18, according to industry sources.

In addition, stores are expected to begin pre-selling the device
in early October, according to one source.

The $119 XM SkyDock was unveiled
by Sirius XM
in August with a fall release date.  The dock converts an iPhone to a true
satellite-radio receiver because it includes an XM chip that can receive full
XM as well as Sirius programming, including Howard Stern via a “Best of Sirius”
subscription.  (Without the dock, users
cannot receive Stern via an iPhone app).

The XM SkyDock also connects an iPhone or iPod Touch to the car’s
sound system so a user’s stored music can also play through the car radio.

The SkyDock is expected to be sold online
and through retailers, including Best Buy and RadioShack, this fall.