Sirius Taps Podcast Pioneer Adam Curry

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New York — Sirius Satellite Radio and announced today that Adam Curry, former MTV host and the “father of podcasting,” will produce a special Sirius program that will broadcast podcasts to Sirius subscribers.

The four-hour weekday program, called Adam Curry's PodShow, will debut on Sirius on May 13th. Curry helped design the digital tools that have made podcasting a budding phenomenon over the past six months.

Podcasting is a relatively new way of recording and broadcasting digital audio over the Internet to one's computer or MP3 player. The “pod” in podcast refers to Apple's iPod. Anyone can create a podcast and make it available for others to download to a computer or portable media player. According to Sirius, over the past six months more than six million people have listened to podcasts.

According to Forbes Online, researchers from the Washington-based Pew Internet & American Life Project this month claimed that more than 22 million American adults own iPods or MP3 players and more than one in four of them have downloaded podcasts.


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